Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Uh oh! I think I slept through 2012....

 Good Grief! Has it really been a year since I have posted! That is a really, really sad thing. Especially since I lost most of my blog friends! That's what happens when you ignore people right! Although that wasn't my intention.
 I know it will take some doing, but I will try to win them back. ;)
 The past year truly has gone by in a blur. And I am hopoing that maybe this year will be a little slower so I can see what is going on around me. I have missed being on here chatting and reading about everything going on.
 Well, since this is my first time back in a very long 13 months I will keep it short and give a brief over view of my year. My Sweet friend Angie Berry from Berry homespun Primitives is likely to fall out of her chair when she sees I am FINALLY back on here! ;)
Ok, so to start off, really there hasn't been all that much...
Hmm... I married off my oldest daughter Brittany to a very nice young man in May 2011. They dated for 3 years and waited until she got a year of college in before they married. Now all we can do is hope she finishes... :)
 We had a busy summer of church camps and mission trips. We took a few road trips. I will post some fun pics of those later.
Then school started! Thank you Lord! I was worn out and broke by the time they started school! Wait! I am always worn out and broke... well you know what I mean!
  My 2nd daughter turned 16 in August. and so far we have managed to keep her from getting the dreaded D.L. But I know it won't be long now. Since she has a job and will need her own transportation.
 In October we took a family vacation to the Durango, CO area! Loved it. I think it should be my home away from home.
 November was a blessedly quiet month my 3rd daughter turned 12 just before Thanksgiving. Birthdays are always so much fun for our family.
 Now we are looking forward to Christmas. And we are very late getting our tree up... But we are going to remedy that this evening.
 I hope everyone has been blessed this year. And I would be more than happy to pray with you over any blessings or concerns you have.
Until next time, may it be before another year has passed. ;)


  1. I've been gone for awhile too, lol! Time flies doesn't it? Love Amanda's hair in that picture. Maybe we'll both be around a little more this year. =]

    1. Ha! Wow, aren't we a pair! I am just now replying to this. And is has been 3 months. Sorry friend! it was good to see you this morning!

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