Monday, November 7, 2011

Good evening Friends, we made it through the weekend and today with lots of excitement! Got most of the kids well, my college student, Brittany, is now sick. But she can't blame that on us because we don't see her unless she needs money. Wink.  It just occured to me I haven't shared any info on my precious girls.
 Brittany is my oldest. She is 19 and attends the Unversity of Tulsa as a freshman, with  Music as a first major and Vocal Performance as a second major. She is really very talented if I do say so myself.
 Amanda is 15, a Sophmore in highschool. And she is envolved in everything... NHS, SERteens, Academic Club, CSU, Special Olympics helper, and is in all honors classes. She is a busy girl and thinks she has time for a job. I think not.
 Jillian is 10, and in the 5th grade. She has joined together with a few friends at school, and on Wednesdays instead of going to recess she has a Bible study like the high school does. I was so very proud and impressed. They organized everything  on there own.
 And then there's Addeline, or Addie as we call her. And she is 5, will be 6 in Dec. She started Kindergarten this year and loves it. She keeps us all entertained with her vast imagination.
 My oldest 2 have Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes from our Cherokee heritage. And Jillian has curly dark blonde hair with dark brown eyes. And Addie has blonde hair and my blue eyes. They are so so beutiful inside and out. It still amazes me how 4 children come from the same parents and are so completely different. Thank goodness! I just don't think I could handle more than 1 of each of them! haha.
 Ok, I know I am a bit long winded today! But I had such an exciting weekend! I just have to share!
First off, we were woke up early Saturday morning to a small earthquake! In Oklahoma! I mean I know there are several fault lines that run through here. But in all my life, this past year has been the only time I have experienced one in this area! Well ever... so it kinda woke me up. I thought it was just a big strong wind blowing againgst my house. No biggie. I rolled over and went back to sleep.
 Got up bright and early to find out it was not a wind. But not an over all big deal eitherat  4.7. Then there was a larger one Saturday night. That one we felt and left no doubt what we were experiencing! It was a 5.6. Which caused some damage in areas closer to the epi-center. But just made us feel like we were on a wild ride.
 So Angie, my dearest friend from Berry Homespun Primitives and I went to a large yard sale my dad was having out in the crisp, and I mean CRISP cool air. My dad holds these yard sales for charity. So everything is donated. And all the money goes to wildfire victims in his area. The fires came right up to his home and melted some of the skirting, and burned most of his 10 acres. He was so blessed not to lose anything, that now he is trying to help those who did.
Anyway, I got some pics of what I picked up. And I have some work to do on some of them. But that's all the fun, right? Well, I keep telling myself that. But the outcome is well worth the effort.
Lets see, there is this pretty chair. I just had to have. Several little jelly molds, a butter press, a butter crock, a set of shutters, an old throw that I am going to make a chair cushion with for my new chair and Angie's matching one. And an old milk jug with porcelain inside.

                                 This is a better look at the chair. I was pretty excited about this.
 My cast iron milk jug! It says blue valley across the front. But someone wanted to make it a penny bank. That will soon be covered.
                                               A number 8 crock, and an old ironing board.
 These next pieces I am especially excited about! These will take some extra elbow grease! My dad just gave me these. He said he was going to burn them! I said load 'em up! I have the bottem drawer from the dresser. But it was falling apart. So we took it out for now. Nothing a good bit of sand paper can't fix on this baby though! And some know how for the drawer... ;)
This chest has 2 drawers and I believe someone added some wheels to the bottom. So those will come off. And I will focus on refurbishing it soon I hope!
 Ok! That's all. Thanks for stopping by. I have to enjoyed visiting with everyone.
 Have a Blessed week!


  1. Yes, all your babies are beautiful inside and out!

    Oh! Am I getting a chair pad for my chair?? =] Look at you already posting your goodies. Okay, I gotta get busy and get mine posted.

    You are just whizzing at this blog thing. Already posting pics, great job!

  2. I so enjoyed reading about your wonderful daughters - they must make you so proud!

    What fab treasures you found too - the old furniture will be primtastic I'm sure! Looking forward to seeing the outcome!
    Have fun!

  3. What a lovely blog! I am so glad Angie sent me over. You share such lovely thoughts about your daughters. I hope you post the chair when you have found a chair pad as it really came out lovely. Are you going to make the chair pad?

  4. Enjoyed reading about your girls. So glad you made it through the earthquake alright. When we had one here, I didn't even notice. Maybe because with 4 kids (3 of 'em boys) I don't notice when the ground shakes--that's normal!
    You really scored at the yard sale. I especially love your free stuff.

  5. Katie, I'm a new follower of your blog. You have photos of some great primitives and collectibles on your site. Will be checking back often to see what you do with your finds. Karen

  6. You have a home filled with many beautiful blessings. Funny how they can all be so not alike. God made them all special. Your treasures are all so prim perfect. Would love to see your redo projects of each. I found you through our dear blogger friend Angie. Blessings!