Thursday, November 3, 2011

A New Day!

Well, today all of my kiddos are off to school after a bout with Strep throat. Hopefully they will all stay at school for the whole day! That would be new this week! I am so thankful they are feeling better, its so hard when you can't kiss the hurts away.
 Anyway, last night I got a burst of energy and made dinner... But before I did that I decided to try a super easy recipe I have for cinnamon honey butter. And Oh my goodness! it turned out so so good! I had to take it away from my husband. I doubled the recipe and it only made 5- 8oz jars. But that is OK for now. As I plan to give 4 away. But I will have to make a much bigger batch next time! I know I should have taken pics to show everyone, but I just wasn't sure how it would turn out. SO next time I will do the right thing and take pics. ;)
 I want to take a minute to thank everyone for welcoming me! I am overwhelmed by the sweet greetings! Thank you all so much! I truly look forward to getting to know you all!
I hope everyone is doing well.
Blessings to you all


  1. Yep, we need pictures. =]

    So excited for the turnout on your blog! You are gonna love these people. Even though I've never met a single one in person, they are very sweet and genuine! Have fun with it~

  2. Hi Katie we sure do need pics!! LOL Can you share your recipe with us too? I would like to try to make some for Christmas. That's funny cuz it's on my list of things to make!!! Hope everyone is feeling all better now. And what awesome goodies you got from the sale! Take care, XO Fran.